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Upcoming Meeting: One-Way Trips to Mars

11 Sep 2014

There are numerous challenges standing in the way of sending humans to Mars. The financial cost alone is enormous and on top of that the risk of developing cancer from the radiation received on the journey is significant.

While various proposals to solve or mitigate these problems have been suggested one bold idea has received significant attention. Simply put: why not make it a one-way trip? Compared to the round-trip alternative such a voyage would be quite cheap. Furthermore due to the increased risk of cancer it may make more sense for explorers to live out their days on Mars than for them to return home to Earth only to die shortly thereafter.

While the idea of a one-way trip may be shocking to some there is actually plenty of support for it. Mars One a non-profit organization intends to launch such a trip and have humans on the planet by 2023. They are not alone either as more than 100,000 people have volunteered to go on one of these one-way trips.

Still others remain unconvinced that the plan is a good one. For instance Buzz Aldrin has expressed doubt in whether Mars One will be able to execute their plan. Others have set practicality concerns aside and instead cast doubt on whether the idea is even ethical.

This ongoing debate makes us ask the questions:

  • Should humans pursue one-way trips to Mars?
  • Does it matter if the trip is organized by a private company or a government agency?
  • Would you yourself go on such a voyage?

We hope you come to our meeting to discuss these questions and more.