A Simple Goal:

To encourage scientists and students to discuss the humanitarian impact of new science and technology. If we don't know how new discoveries can be applied ethically, how can we expect our leaders to?

Meetings happen Mondays at 4:30pm in Baker 235B, (except for holidays and when we have other events during the week) and include free pizza. Note that the room is subject to change; to receive updates by mail, join our d-list.

When coming to a Pugwash meeting, you are encouraged to read the articles beforehand; if everyone does so, we all start off on the same page.

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First Pugwash Meeting: NSA

Our first meeting of the year will be this Thursday, and the topic of our first discussion will be digital privacy. In June, Edward Snowden leaked files pertaining to NSA's PRISM program to collect electric communication meta-data from companies in the U.S. More details about the PRISM program can be found here.

After details of PRISM were revealed, many U.S citizens and members of other nations were outraged, calling this an infringement of privacy rights. On the other hand, the NSA claims this measure is necessary to ensure the safety of the American people. With this surveillance program, the NSA believes it will be able to identify patterns within the communication networks of terrorist organizations.

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New Room

Starting 10/9, we will be meeting in Porter Hall A22. The issue with Doherty A200 was that there was a class immediately after our meetings, which meant we could never stay late.


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SPUSA contest

Our parent organization, SPUSA, is running a contest see if we can get politicians to pay a bit more attention to science issues--one sentence summary: make a video or an essay to present an important science/tech issue to the next US President. The full announcement is below. If you have ideas want to help with writing/video editing, post here or let me know in person. If there's enough interest, we'll organize a group to do an entry.


Contet Prizes:
Grand Prize: $2,000
Second Prize: $1,000
Third Prize: $500
Honorable Mention: Free SPUSA gear and promotion of your idea

TO ENTER: Visit the 2012 science and technology policy election guide today!

DEADLINE: October 1, 2012 November 4, 2012

DESCRIPTION: Science and technology issues are extremely important in U.S. policy and society. The next president, Congress, and local leaders will confront topics that matter to young people, such as climate change, energy security, space policy, and U.S. economic competitiveness in science and engineering. If you could send a message on a science, technology, or energy issue to the next U.S. president what would it be?

Here's how to deliver your message:

  • YouTube Video/Flash Video (5-minute limit)
  • Written Essay/Editorial (750-word limit)


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New Website!

I'm curious what you all think; the goal is that this will at least be more useful than what we had last year. I'm also honestly not sure how well Drupal does at reporting errors to me, so do let me know if anything doesn't seem to be working right. This site is still beta at this point...