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Upcoming Meeting: Humans Need Not Apply

25 Sep 2014

To what extent will robots and computer programs automate jobs in the coming years? How will our world adapt? The answers to these questions appear to depend on whom you ask.

From one perspective, the upcoming ubiquity of robots in industry will lead to the need for massive workforce retraining or wealth redistribution. This problem is articulated in depth in the video below:

But perhaps our robot-filled future will be bright. Another line of thinking suggests we'll enter a near-utopian post-scarcity economy. Peter Diamandis offers this optimistic view in his TED talk:

Which of these perspectives do you think is more likely? And what role should we play as members of the Carnegie Mellon community? Do we have the power or responsibility to chose between these possible futures? If so, how?

Please come to the meeting and let us know what you think. We hope to see you there.